omg why are people still following this blog?

I was wondering if you have the link to the poll of Darren and Chris, the one saying if you want there to be a REAL klaine relationship or not?


Umm are you talking about this one?,0,0

This is the only one I know of. I hope this is the one you’re looking for!

So at the WSU bookstore, there were two books that I almost died of laughter over.

One was called Endgame, the other, You Matter.

is that a real picture of chris and darren or is it photoshopped?


It’s real.

Posting again because it’s been asked before.

From the Enterklainement Weekly outtakes.

Even when Klaine start dating (which they probably won't, because they're just friends, obviously) are you going to keep doing these? Because you should. And never stop. Klaine/Platonic Friendship forever.


Yes most likely because there’s some of them that I never got around to doing, and there seems to be lots of opportunities on the road ahead. Klatonic friendships last forever.

no longer platonic woo, but these are still a+


No longer platonic my ass. Kurt and Blaine aren’t dating. They’re still just friends. Friends can make out and hold hands and still be platonic. Hrrmphh.